The word “Barri” means ground, earth in the Aboriginal Dunghutti language.

Barri is committed to promoting health and wellness by sourcing and providing high quality skin care and health products.

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My Story

I'm a proud Aboriginal woman from the Dunghutti Tribe of Kempsey, NSW. There I was born and raised. Growing up around the bush, I always experimented with nature by being creative. I remember picking my Grandmothers roses, soaking in water for hours and then applying to my skin. In my adult life, I learnt how to make traditional medicine by my Elders. I've always been fascinated in the wonders of nature.

In 2018, I started mixing up my own handmade products. These products were free from everything that I was against: silicones, artificial colours and fragrances, sulphates etc. The products that I created felt good. However, I could no longer continue to hand make my products due to my full-time employment and being a single mother of two young children. Then in 2019 I did a lot of research and I was able to source out all of my products to create my own skin care line and have the ability to continue the business I spent a lot of time investing in.

All of the products I sell are of high quality and tick all the boxes. I want to share all the best natural products with everyone at affordable prices.

I'm also studying Nutrition and will soon be qualified to provide consultations to individual's, as well as attend programs/workshops to give nutrition advice. I believe that food is medicine and you are what you digest. I'm all about healing the gut, as I've had my own personal struggles with digestion and food intolerances, hence why I also sell health products on my online store. I've always been into traditional medicines and healing any problems naturally.

I hope you enjoy the products just as much as I do.


Featured Products

The Face Oil has made a big difference in my skin. I use at night and wake up with glowing skin.